7 Reasons Why Aluminum Pots Are Great for Brewing Beer

When purchasing supplies for brewing beer, it is essential to consider what kind of pot to use. There are a few different options available, but it is largely agreed upon in the brewing community that aluminum pots work well. So, what are the reasons aluminum pots are great for brewing beer?

Aluminum pots are great for brewing beer because they are readily available and inexpensive. They are also lightweight, great at conducting heat, have good heat distribution, and are easier to clean than other metals. They’re also a pleasure to use. 

This article will explore in more detail the seven reasons aluminum pots are great for brewing beer in comparison to other metals, mainly stainless steel.

Aluminum Versus Stainless Steel

There are several benefits to using aluminum over stainless steel when choosing a brewing pot. Here are the main ones: 

AluminumStainless Steel
Widely available at many storesSometimes difficult to find at stores
InexpensiveCan cost up to hundreds of dollars
Light and easy to moveHeavy and difficult to move
Conduct heat and cool down quicklyTake a long time to heat up and cool down
Distribute heat evenlyCan cause sticking and burning due to poor heat distribution
Produce less residue and are easy to cleanTake more effort to keep clean

1. Aluminum Brewing Pots Are Widely Available

The most straightforward reason aluminum pots are great for brewing beer is that they can be found just about anywhere. 

Many people use large aluminum pots for their everyday cooking, so you can find them in any store that sells kitchen supplies. 

Aluminum pots are also typically available in many different sizes, so there are plenty of options available and you can choose one that suits how much beer you want to brew. 

2. Aluminum Brewing Pots Are Inexpensive

Another common reason many people choose aluminum to brew beer is that it is quite inexpensive compared to other metals

Aluminum pots are far cheaper than a pot made of metal like stainless steel, sometimes costing up to half as much as other brewing pots. 

It is also reasonably easy to find aluminum pots on sale, particularly after the holidays. Many people use them for cooking turkey, chicken, or other large meats for holiday gatherings, and when that time of year is over, stores often reduce their prices. 

3. Aluminum Brewing Pots Are Lightweight

Aluminum pots are also an excellent choice for brewing beer because they are not made of heavy metal and are easier to move around if needed during the brewing process. 

The fact that they are lightweight doesn’t mean they are not sturdy. Some people claim that aluminum is not strong enough for the brewing process and will break down if used too many times. However, that is not the case. 

When buying an aluminum pot, be sure to purchase one that is thicker. It will still be easy to carry around the space being used for brewing, and it will be less likely to get dinged up or disfigured. 

4. Aluminum Brewing Pots Are a Good Heat Conductor

One of the main factors for choosing an aluminum pot over stainless steel or another metal is that aluminum is excellent at conducting heat. 

During the brewing process, aluminum pots come to a boil much faster than stainless steel, which needs plenty of time to heat up. When the pot needs to cool down, it will take the aluminum pot much less time than the stainless steel. 

Because it is a better conductor of heat and does not need much time to boil or cool down, using aluminum can shorten the process of brewing beer. 

5. Aluminum Brewing Pots Have Good Heat Distribution

In addition to conducting heat well, aluminum pots have much better heat distribution than stainless steel. 

Good heat distribution is essential when brewing beer for a few reasons. The boiling liquid will only cook correctly if it is evenly heated throughout the brewing process. 

It is much more challenging to get the heat evenly distributed in a stainless steel pot, and the beer may not turn out exactly as desired. 

When the liquid is evenly heated through during the boiling process, it is less likely to stick to the pot and burn. 

Sticky, burned beer is much more likely to happen in a stainless steel pot because of the poor heat distribution. Aluminum pots, on the other hand, will prevent sticking and burning. 

6. Aluminum Brewing Pots Are Easy To Clean

Whether or not aluminum brewing pots are easy to keep clean is a topic that is widely debated in the brewing community. 

Some people do not believe aluminum is easy to clean because of the oxide layer that develops during the beer brewing process. This is because the oxidation that occurs tends to make the pot discolored and less attractive over time. 

This oxidation also means that cleaners that are caustic or oxygen-based or have a high acidity level cannot be used to clean the aluminum since they can cause the metal to break down over time. 

The excellent heat distribution is what makes aluminum pots easier to keep clean than stainless steel. Because there are fewer issues with the beer leaving a sticky residue or burn marks on the metal, aluminum pots do not take as much energy or time to clean.

7. Aluminum Brewing Pots Are Just Plain Easy To Use

Brewing beer is a precise science that takes a lot of practice to perfect. The boiling time and temperature need to be just right, and it can take a long time to learn where the sweet spot is. 

Aluminum pots are much simpler to use than stainless steel, especially for someone who is just starting out. They take less time to heat up, keep the ingredients evenly warmed throughout the cooking process, and are less of a hassle to clean. 

For those who are more experienced at brewing beer, aluminum is still a great choice. Because aluminum pots help expedite the brewing process, larger batches of beer can be made in less time, and if they become worn through, they are replaceable at a much lower price point. 

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