Pinot Noir Wine Kits ← 7 Best Kits (My Complete Buyer’s Guide)

If you are struggling to find a nice ingredient and/or equipment kit for making Pinot Noir wine, this blog post will help you find a nice kit for you!

In this blog post I will be looking at 7 various Pinot Noir Wine Kits with different properties, they are as follows:

  1. Master Vintner Wine Starter Kit
  2. Vintner’s Reserve Red Pinot Noir
  3. RJS Grand Cru
  4. Ohio Eclipse Sonoma Valley
  5. Master Vintner Small Batch
  6. Island Mist Black Cherry
  7. Master Vintner Tropical Bliss

My Favorite Pinot Noir Kit

Master Vintner 1 Gallon Wine Making Equipment Starter Kit With Recipe

All equipment needed, balanced price & helpful recipe guide.

Check it on Amazon

Read on as I compare these kits in properties such as price, how much wine they make and whether or not they are complete kits.

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Comparing Price, Yield & Package Deal

The chart below will provide info on the prices of the different kits, how much wine they yield and whether or not they are “complete” kits, in terms of having both ingredients and equipment needed or just ingredients.

Price Yield Equipment/Ingredient
Master Vintner Wine Starter Kit ~$85 1 Gallon All in one
Vintner’s Reserve Red Pinot Noir ~$90 6 Gallons Ingredient
RJS Grand Cru ~$90-100 6 Gallons Ingredient
Ohio Eclipse Sonoma Valley ~$170 6 Gallons Ingredient
Master Vintner Small Batch ~$25 1 Gallon Ingredient
Island Mist Black Cherry ~$70 6 Gallons Ingredient
Master Vintner Tropical Bliss ~$70 6 Gallons Ingredient

There aren’t many complete pinot noir sets online, and most of them are only ingredient kits with instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prices shown might not correspond with current price. Please take it as an estimation.

I was only able to find one almost complete kit, but it is very cheap and nicely suited for beginners since it is only a 1-gallon set.

7 Great Pinot Noir Wine Kits

Below you will find some more detailed information about each kit mentioned in this blog post, to help you get a better understanding of what they contain.

At the end of this list I will share with you my personal choice and why I chose that one. 

I hope this can be helpful!

#1 My pick

Master Vintner 1 Gallon Wine Making Equipment Starter Kit With Recipe

This is the ultimate pinot noir kit, containing everything you need except bottles.

Check it on Amazon


  • Able to make Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay
  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler Glass Primary Fermentor
  • 1 Gallon Glass Jug Secondary Fermentor
  • 1 Herculometer Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Test Jar
  • Thief Corker + Corks
  • Complete ingredient kit
Complete kit + ingredients Availability
Great quality-price ratio

This set comes with a detailed guide that is easy to follow to make some great tasting homemade wine.

This kit is very cheap granted that it has both equipment and ingredients making it perfect for the uncertain winemaker who may just want to try it out and not invest too much.

    NOTE: You can use this equipment kit in combination with most, if not all of the ingredient kits in this post. 

    #2 Tasty Pinot Noir

    Red Pinot Noir (Vintner’s Reserve) Wine Kit

    In this ingredient-kit, you will find ingredients as well as for instructions to make 6 gallons of tasty pinot noir wine.

    Check it on Amazon


    • High-Quality grapes
    • Complete ingredient kit
    • 6-gallon yield
    • Expert quality wine
    • Easy instructions
    Easy to use No bottles included
    Excellent quality for the money Ingredients only

    The grape in this set produces fruity and spicy tastes. They recommend you age this wine for long periods to further develop the complexity in the taste.

    TIP: Add oak chips to take this wine to the next level.

      Learn more on oak chips and wine making here.

      #3 Fastest Ready Time

      Pinot Noir Wine Kit – RJS Grand Cru

      This kit focuses on making wine fast, and is marketed to be convenient, and easy to fit into your time schedule.

      Check it on Amazon


      • 6 Gallon yield
      • Ready to bottle in 4 Weeks
      • Medium oak
      • Medium body
      • Sweetness: 0
      • Made for Pinot Noir
      Fast to make Availability
      Easy to follow instructions Ingredients only

      This wine kit will yield 6 gallons of rich and smooth red wine. The wine is described as soft in texture, dark in color and with flavors of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone.

      It states that the ready time of your wine is 4 weeks, but what they mean here, is that it is ready to bottle in 4 weeks. 

      You still have to age your wine to get the correct taste, the longer the better!

        #4 Premium Kit

        Home Brew Ohio Eclipse Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir Wine Kit

        Another ingredient-only kit, this time in the more expensive range granted it comes with some more advanced ingredients.

        Check it on Amazon


        • Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir
        • Complete Ingredient Kit
        • Oak flavor through the use of oak chips
        • Yields 6 Gallons of Wine
        PROS CONS
        Quality of ingredients Availability
        Easy to make  Price

        This kit comes with oak chips and herbs used for spicing up the taste of the wine to give a more unique tasting wine in the end.

          #5 Small Batches Kit

          Master Vintner Small Batch 1 Gallon Wine Making Recipe Kit

          Small and simple Pinot Noir red wine ingredient kit.

          Check it on Amazon


          • Makes 1 gallon of hand-crafted Pinot Noir
          • Pairs well with cheese, pork, veal, and salmon
          • Rich flavors of cherry and raspberry
          • Aromas of ripe red fruits and spiced chocolate
          • Complete ingredient kit
          • Comes with instructions
          PROS CONS
          Quality of ingredients Availability
          Easy to follow instructions Ingredients only

          Makes a pinot noir with aromas of fruit and spiced chocolate. The wine made with this kit has a cheery and raspberry flavor with a nice mouthfeel.

          REMEMBER: This kit makes 1 gallon of wine, making the price quite high compared to most larger kits where you generally make 6 gallons.

            #6 Fruity Choice

            Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir Kit

            This wine kit provides you with a nice ingredient kit that provides 6 gallons of sweet-tasting Pinot Noir wine.

            Check it on Amazon


            • Makes 6 gallons of wine
            • Sweet, fruity flavor
            • Ready for bottling in 4 weeks
            • Comes with instructions
            • Complete ingredient kit
            PROS CONS
            Great taste Too sweet for some
            Quality-price ratio Ingredients only

            The taste is described as very fruity and sweet, with a powerful cherry flavor. The kit will make 6 gallons of wine ready to bottle after 4 weeks.

              #7 Tropical Twist

              Master Vintner Tropical Bliss Blackberry Pinot Noir Kit

              A different type of wine kit in the type of wine it creates. This wine is a lower alcohol wine with about 7.5% alcohol content.

              Check it on Amazon


              • Yields 6 gallons of wine
              • Comes with instructions
              • Complete ingredient kit
              • Fruity flavor with notable blackberry flavor
              • Ready after 4 weeks
              • Requires no bottle aging

              PROS CONS
              Exotic taste Instructions a bit vague
              Quality of ingredients Availability

              It has a flavor of fresh fruit with a hint of blackberry. This kit also advertises that the wine is ready in for weeks and doesn’t need any aging. 

              I’m not sure I’d personally drink any wine right away and would suggest you age it for some time after bottling.

              The kit will provide you with 6 gallons of tropical wine, giving you around 20 bottles of wine.

                My Personal Recommendation

                If you are completely new to winemaking and want to make some delicious pinot noir, there really is no contender to the Master Vintner Winemaking Equipment Starter Kit (Amazon link). This kit quite simply has everything you need for a very affordable price.

                If you are more seasoned, and already have your own equipment, you can really choose any of the pinot noir kits, but the Red Pinot Noir Vintner’s Reserve kit is the most positively reviewed kit, where most people are very satisfied with the taste.

                So in conclusion, if you are a beginner, I’d definitely say – get the complete winemaking kit.

                If you are more experienced, you can really pick any kit you want. Read the reviews and find out what the taste is like, then find one that you think fits your personal taste.

                How to Make Your Own Red Wine

                If you’re further interested in learning how to make your own wine, we here at HomeBrewAdvice actually made a step-by-step guide in the form of a video which you can find below.

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