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Generally on a night out vodka is probably the most popular liquor of choice people drink. Many of my guy friends, however, say its a ladies drink.

In this blog post, I aim to find out whether or not this is true, or just a stereotype with no real reasoning behind it.

Is Vodka Considered a Ladies Drink? The reason why vodka is generally considered a woman’s drink is probably the sweet and sugary beverages they choose to mix them with. Many men don’t tend to mix their alcohol with sweet beverages. This gives the impression that vodka is primarily a ladies drink, but many guys enjoy it as well.

Continue reading as I dive into why people consider vodka a ladies drink, and the general stereotypes of drinking culture in general.

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So, Why Is Vodka Considered a Ladies Drink?

In the drinking culture, the presence of gender separation and general judging when it comes to what type of drink you choose is very real.

Based on personal experience it is very clear to me what types of drinks different types of people choose.

Based on what is seen on typical nights out, most girls enjoy a vodka mixed with different sodas, juices or energy drinks.

A drink with vodka that is considered very girly is a cosmopolitan or just a vodka cranberry.

As a guy, I can’t say I blame them, this drink is extremely tasty and will definitely do the job in terms of getting you tipsy.

However, it is not only the female audience that enjoys vodka-based drinks. Where I come from, many guys prefer a vodka Redbull to most other drinks, including beer.

There really is no drinks that are just for one gender, especially not vodka.

Back in the day women did tend to drink lower-alcohol beverages. White wine, champagne and low alcohol cocktails mixed with soda or other sweet beverages were a normal drink choice for women.

Now vodka is a universal drink, and both women and men enjoy it alike.

Saying vodka is a ladies drink isn’t really an insult. Vodka has a high alcohol percentage and will get you wasted really fast.

If by saying vodka is a ladies drink, you consider it a “girly” or “weak” drink, you are very wrong. Vodka is strong, and people drinking it will get drunk rather quickly.

Vodka Can Benefit Your Health

Another reason women may choose to drink vodka is that it is actually quite pure and even has some health benefits when drank in moderation.

You may have heard a glass of wine a day can have health benefits.

The same goes for vodka. Obviously, don’t drink a whole glass of vodka a day, but a drink containing vodka every now and then won’t hurt you, quite the opposite in fact.

Here are some facts about vodka and its healthy benefits:

DISCLAIMER: Always drink in moderation, over drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning and in worst cases, death. 

  • Vodka can be healthy for the heart. Vodka consumed in moderation can reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and other heart diseases. It naturally increases your blood flow and circulation. It may also help your cholesterol levels to drop, and if you are on a diet, vodka is very low-calorie alcohol when mixed with the right beverages.
  • Vodka can reduce stress levels. People generally consider a glass of wine healthy because they say it reduces stress levels. However, studies show that vodka is actually the real hero when it comes to reducing stress through alcohol consumption.
  • Vodka can give better oral hygiene. Most hard liquors are sometimes used for toothaches when painkillers won’t do the trick. Vodka also works for this for some people but has other benefits as well. The purity mixed with the high alcohol level of vodka gives it an ability to kill some hostile bacteria found in the mouth and throat area. Vodka can kill many bacterias that are the cause of bad breath, and give you better oral hygiene overall.

Do you want to know how to make your own alcohol at home? Take a look at this post.

Drinking Culture

Guys and girls have a tendency to bow down to group pressure when drinking together.

It is probably the same in most friend groups, being the odd one out in terms of what to drink can make you feel like you are not a part of the group and the party.

For example, if you in a group of 6 guys are the only one who doesn’t drink beer, but instead choose maybe a cider or a vodka soda, you might get some judging looks.

You should be able to drink whatever you feel like, and so should everyone else.

My advice is, you should drink whatever you feel like. We live in a time where gender separation is dying out, and this also includes drinking habits.

Vodka is no more a ladies drink than guys drink, whether you are a girl enjoying a beer or a guy enjoying ciders, drink whatever you prefer and stop caring what everyone around you does.

If your friends actually judge you depending on your drink of choice, it may be time to find some new friends who don’t judge something as silly as what people choose to drink.

3 Gender Stereotypes In Drinks

Whether we wanna admit it or not gender separation seems like it is a real thing in drinking culture around the world.

I have experienced this myself, here are 3 examples of stereotypes I encountered while partying.

#1 Beer is For Men!

Talking from personal experience, I definitely felt this stereotype being enforced in my own friend group when we just started drinking. We grew up with the assumption that men drank beer and hard liquor shots.

However, we quickly found out that this stereotype is just a waste of time. I do like beer and shots, but other guys in my friend group quickly realized it wasn’t for them. They then adapted sugary alcoholic drinks instead of beer, since it fits their taste preference better.

You should do the same if you are a guy and feel forced to drinking beer but you really don’t like it. Be yourself and drink whatever you prefer, if your friends are really your friends, they shouldn’t care about it at all.

#2 Only Girls Drink Fruity Cocktails

Like with beer, in the beginning basically all the girls I knew ONLY drank sugary and fruity drinks or cocktails. It did turn out that most of them did actually prefer these types of drinks, but later on, a few found out it wasn’t for them.

A few girls found out they actually really liked beer and doing shots like the guys.

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#3 If You Are a Guy And You Mix Liquor You Are a Wuss!

You might see men drinking a lot of shots on a night out. As a person who enjoys shots, I can confirm that people look at you in awe as you down shot after shot.

Drinking whisky on the rocks or other liquors is also considered “manly” but there really is no point drinking it if you don’t like it.

Mix whatever you feel like, the world of alcohol mixing is yours for the taking.

There is an ocean of drinks already found out, but you can mix whatever you feel like tastes best.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, choosing to mix liquor with tonic water, soda or other things is completely up to how you like to enjoy your liquor.

So the general stereotype does exist, but it is slowly fading away, people have realized that there are no rules to what you should drink based on gender. If you like drinking beer or whisky as a girl, go for it!

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