9 Best Wine Enthusiast Wine Fridges

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In this blog post I will display a range of wine fridges/coolers for any winemaker in need of proper conditioning for wine aging.

Here is a list of the wine fridges reviewed in this blog post:

  1. NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Fridge
  2. Commercial Cool Thermal Electric Wine Fridge
  3. Antarctic Star Wine Fridge/Cabinet
  4. Magic Chef Black Single-Zone Wine Fridge (My Choice)
  5. Ivation Premium Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Wine Fridge
  6. Koldfront Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Fridge
  7. Smad Wine Refrigerator
  8. Ivation Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Fridge
  9. Ivation Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red And White Fridge

#My Favorite Wine Fridge

Magic Chef Black Single-Zone Wine Fridge

This wine fridge comes with sculpted chrome shelves and interior lighting that makes it easy to store your wine.

Check it on Amazon

Read on if you want some detailed information and specifications of each wine fridge, and gain a better understanding of why people use wine fridges.

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Why Use a Wine Fridge?

As you may know, aging and conditioning in general is the key to great tasting wine. Some lucky people have basements which has a natural cool temperature which is perfect for storing and aging wine, but others will have to acquire a wine fridge to store wine properly.

A wine fridge is designed to keep a specific temperature, which is perfect if you live in an environment that doesn’t allow you to store wine in a cool place.

I’d even wager that a wine cooler is even better than a basement, since it keeps the exact temperature whereas a basement may change temperature slightly depending on the weather.

Don’t try to use a regular household fridge for storing wine. A regular fridge is fine if you simply want to cool your wine a bit before drinking it, but it is not good for storage.

If you store your wine in a regular fridge, the lower temperatures compared to a wine fridge can stop the wine from developing its great taste, body and aroma.

Comparing Price And Bottle Capacity of Wine Coolers

To give you a quick overview of the estimated price and how many bottles you can fit into each cooler you can use this table:

PriceBottle CapacityWhere to buy
NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Fridge~$15518Amazon
Commercial Cool Thermal Electric Wine Fridge~$996Amazon
Antarctic Star Wine Fridge/Cabinet~$27026Amazon
Magic Chef Black Single-Zone Wine Fridge~$100-15012Amazon
Ivation Premium Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Wine Fridge~$17012Amazon
Koldfront Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Fridge~$14016Amazon
Smad Wine Refrigerator~$30019Amazon
Ivation Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Fridge~$17018Amazon
Ivation Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red And White Fridge~$25024Amazon

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prices shown might not correspond with current price. Please take it as an estimation.

As you can see I also provided links that leads you to store pages where you can buy these coolers directly and get them shipped right to your door.

The 9 Best Wine Enthusiast Wine Fridges

Alright, it’s time to get into a little more detail about each wine fridge, in this section you will find a quick description of each fridge as well as a list of specifications to help you find a fridge that meets your expectations.

I recently wanted to buy a fridge for my own, and I spent hours -literally- researching, reading reviews and comments. I decided to share my research here and hopefully you won't waste as much time as I did.

The list is set up as a top 9, and is ranked in no order, only displaying its main features. It is hard to rank them from best to worst, as it will ultimately depend on your personal preferences.

At the end of the post I will share with you my final pick and my reasons.

I hope you can find it helpful. Salud!

#1 Most Popular

NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Fridge

This Wine fridge is one of the most popular on the market. It comes at a reasonable price for a 18 bottles fridge capacity.

Check it on Amazon


  • 50 Liters Internal Volume/Capacity
  • 50-64F Temperature Range
  • 13.6” x 20” x 25.4” Unit dimensions
  • Fits 18 wine bottles
  • Digital Touch Button Display
  • Integrated LED Light with power control
  • Reinforced Glass Door with airtight seal
  • Built-in Circulation Fan and ventilation grill
  • Ultra Quiet
DurableLong neck bottles may not fit properly
Customer serviceTemperature slightly off
Quality-price ratio

This is a modern wine fridge that can fit 18 bottles of wine inside. It has accurate precision thermoelectric cooling technology which is easily adjustable to give you the exact temperature your wine needs.

Its design is modern and has a nice ability to fit into any type of living space without standing out too much.

    #2 Great For Small Apartments

    Commercial Cool Thermal Electric Wine Fridge

    Simple design, small capacity. Perfect for reduced spaces.

    Check it on Amazon


    • 6 Bottle capacity
    • 46-66F Temperature range
    • Grey tinted see-thru glass door
    • Interior Lighting
    • Hidden door hinge and recessed door handle for enhanced appearance
    • Mechanical adjustable thermostat control
    • 2 Chrome wire storage shelves
    Neat designSmaller than advertised
    Noise freeAvailability
    Solidly built

    Next up we have a smaller size fridge. The commercial cool fridge is a small black cooler that is quite simplistic in its design, making it able to fit in anywhere.

    It has a grey tinted see-through glass door and interior lighting for easy viewing.

    You can adjust this fridge to be set at between 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

      #3 Largest Pick

      Antarctic Star Wine Fridge/Cabinet

      Great option if you need to store up to 26 bottles. 

      Check it on Amazon


      • 26 Wine bottle storage capacity
      • 40-61F Temperature range
      • 17.5” x 19.7” x 31.5” Unit dimensions
      • Dual-pane glass door
      • Stainless steel shelves
      • Soft LED light
      • Efficient Cooling system
      QuietTemperature control slightly off
      No vibrations
      Double panel glass

      This wine fridge is a whole lot bigger than the last one, fitting up to 26 bottles of wine!

      The Antarctic Star fridge will keep your wine cool from anywhere between 40 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

      Has a double pane glass door which is made to block out harmful UV rays which can affect your wine in a negative way.

        #4 My Favorite Wine Fridge

        Magic Chef Black Single-Zone Wine Fridge

        This wine fridge comes with sculpted chrome shelves and interior lighting that makes it easy to store your wine.

        Check it on Amazon


        • 12 Wine bottle capacity
        • 14.2” x 19” x 20.1” Unite dimensions
        • Sculpted chrome shelves
        • Black cabinet and black door
        • Quiet thermoelectric cooling
        • Temperature range: 54 to 66 degrees fahrenheit
        • Electronic control panel with LED display
        Great quality-price ratioPackaging
        Temperature controlDelivery

        This fridge also has thermoelectric cooling with adjustable temperature control of between 54 to 66 degrees fahrenheit.

        Has a built-in control panel with LED display for easy adjusting and control.

          #5 Stylish & Affordable Wine Fridge

          Ivation Premium Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Wine Fridge

          This stylish wine fridge is made from stainless steel giving it a robust and slick look.

          Check it on Amazon


          • 12 Wine bottle capacity
          • 9.9” x 19.7” x 25” Unit dimensions
          • Efficient thermoelectric cooling
          • Digital control panel with LCD display
          • Soft interior lighting
          • Tempered smoked glass door with stainless steel trim
          • Premium oak wood shelves
          • 50-64F Temperature range
          StylishTemperature issues
          Stainless steelAvailability

          This wine fridge will allow you to preset a temperature between 50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

          The door is insulated in a manner that allows minimum light and UV rays to enter to protect your wine.

          Built with thermoelectric cooling which makes it super quiet and vibrationless.

            #6 Simple, Yet Solid Option

            Koldfront Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Fridge

            A great wine fridge in a simple shape and design that fits up to 16 bottles of wine.

            Check it on Amazon


            • 16 Wine bottle capacity
            • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
            • Adjustable thermostat
            • 52-64F Temperature range
            • Interior LED lighting
            • Internal fan
            • 20.5” x 17.25” x 20.25” Unit dimensions
            PriceHard to read temperature (back of the interior)

            Easy to use/install

            Uses vibration-free thermoelectric cooling making it very silent.

            Comes with stylish slide-out chrome shelves. The interior also has LED interior lighting as well as an internal fan to circulate air and dissipate heat.

            Has an adjustable thermostat with a temperature range of 52 to 64 degrees fahrenheit.

              #7 Premium Pick

              Smad Wine Refrigerator

              A pricey but very nice wine fridge which can store up to 19 bottles of wine at a time.

              Check it on Amazon


              • 19 Wine bottle capacity
              • Free-standing installation
              • 4pcs full wire shelves + 2 half wire shelves
              • Tempered+original glass door
              • LED display and light switch
              • Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit
              • Digital control with blue LED readout
              • No frost cooling system
              • Energy efficient design
              • 17” x 19” x 25” Unit dimensions
              • 39-65F Temperature range
              DurableMight be a bit loud sometimes
              Great quality

              Has adjustable feet to higher or lower as you see fit.

              Comes with an LED display with celsius and fahrenheit switch.

                #8 Top Style

                Ivation Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Fridge

                A wine fridge from Ivation in a nice and stylish design that can hold 18 bottles of wine.

                Check it on Amazon

                StylishTemperature control issues
                Good value for the money


                • 18 Wine bottle capacity
                • Thermoelectric cooling system
                • Quiet and vibration-free
                • 54-64F Temperature range
                • Choose between celsius or fahrenheit settings
                • Free standing black metal cabinet
                • 13.5” x 20” x 25.4” Unit dimensions
                • Tempered smoked door to block out harmful light rays

                Comes with easy temperature control which you can customize to be set at between 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

                It’s thermopane doors that are tempered smoked ensures an interior environment perfect for the storage and aging of wine, and will keep out any harmful rays of light that may damage your wine.

                  #9 Dual Technology

                  Ivation Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red And White Fridge

                  This wine cooler uses something called dual-zone cooling which enables you to have two different temperatures set for the top and bottom of this fridge.

                  Check it on Amazon


                  • 24 Wine bottle capacity
                  • Upper zone temperature range: 46-64F
                  • Lower zone temperature range: 54-64F
                  • Thermoelectric cooling system
                  • Low noise and Low vibration
                  • Touch controls and LCD display
                  • Interior lighting with on/off control
                  • Tempered smoked glass door
                  • 16.9” x 20.5” x 29.1” Unit dimensions
                  StylishSlightly smaller than advertised
                  SturdyA bit loud
                  Customer service

                  This last wine fridge comes with a rather unique feature compared to the others. 

                  The top part is half the size of the bottom part, where you can store 8 bottles of wine and in the bottom you can store 16 bottles for a total of 24 bottles.

                  The upper zone ranges from 46 to 64 degrees fahrenheit and the bottom zone ranges from 54 to 64 degrees fahrenheit.

                    My Choice of Wine Fridge

                    My personal preference when it comes to coolers in general, is the slick stainless steel look. Also, I am not good at having many wine bottles stored, as I like to have my friends over and drink with them. Another factor is that I live in a medium-sized apartment, which does not allow me to have a large fridge.

                    For those reasons -as well as the affordable price- the wine cooler I went for was the Magic Chef Black Single-Zone Wine Fridge. (Amazon link)

                    I am a huge fan of this design, and I love the way it mixes stainless steel with oak shelves for a very robust and modern look. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase, so I can honestly recommend it to anyone.

                    Keep in mind that this is just my personal preference, so don’t hesitate to acquire any of the other wine coolers since they are all extremely good judging by their reviews.

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